Land Transport

Safe and economical road transport with modern vehicles

Land Transport

It is one of the most reliable solutions for transporting all kinds of cargo, regional or international. It is very advantageous with low cost, door-to-door delivery, fast transportation to destinations where seaway or airline is not suitable, short delivery times and the most suitable route option to all points.

Çakır Shipping offers “all-inclusive” safe and economical road transportation to its customers worldwide, with its experienced team of experts, extensive history and global agency network.

Whether full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), light or heavy load, temperature controlled or dangerous goods transport, it meets all the needs of its customers. In addition, with a wide agency network, we provide alternative transportation, industry solutions tailored to customer needs, customs procedures, documentation and insurance operations, storage, packaging and full service in accordance with the legislation.

Low operational cost
Customs clearance in accordance with the legislation
Documentation and Insurance
Just in time delivery
Minimum transaction times
Intelligent Storage