Expertise, safety and efficiency all together ...

We carry your heavy loads in the most efficient way.

We carry your loads of abnormal dimensions that cannot be transported by standard transportation and cargo methods, with expert staff. We have a responsible and experienced team that provides immediate solutions to problems that may arise during transportation, working with a zero defect policy.

Çakır Shipping performs a safe transportation by fulfilling all legal requirements in logistics and transportation.

With our technology-supported equipment, we carry out all your heavy transportation works, from bridge ceiling beam crane transportation to construction equipment and project transportation, as insured, with a vehicle tracking system.


Special route analysis and engineering

It performs out-of-gauge transportations by carrying out heavy cargo transportation or road analysis and engineering studies with special equipment and (Low Bed) vehicles

Multimodal transportation

Çakır Shipping performs multimodal transportations by providing lashing, crane rental, road analysis, escort and storage services in heavy transports.

Domestic and international heavy load transportation

With national and international freight transportation, Çakır Shipping overcomes even the most challenging tasks by fulfilling all complex procedures from the point of origin to the destination of your cargo.

Planned and safe transportation

A planned study is carried out with feasibility studies, determination of transportation routes, determination of transportation equipment, road and weather conditions, installation and loading positions.