With our IT infrastructure that can be integrated with ERP programs, we monitor, control and monitor all processes in real time.

Flexible storage system that increases efficiency with technology support

Storage improves inventory efficiency and accelerates your response to changing customer demand. Our experts design and implement flexible storage solutions tailored to your needs. It analyzes every point in your supply chain to determine the optimum solution.

Customized storage service
Environment and temperature controlled warehouses
Delivery and return services
Unloading, loading and transfers

Bonded and non-bonded warehousing services

High capacity storage and cross-dock operations in suitable conditions in industry-specific, high-quality environments

Customized storage services

Storage under suitable conditions according to product specifications, electronic monitoring of all stocking processes

Value added services

Assembly, kit and packaging, labeling, repackaging, quality assurance systems, quality reporting.

Return logistics

Management of return operations of companies all over the world with our professional staff and software systems