Easy access, modern shelf systems, high security, traceable professional management

New Generation Warehouse

Çakır Shipping warehouses operate in accordance with all customs regulations, all standards of which are predetermined and continuously audited. All processes from the entrance of the products to the exit of the warehouse are carefully planned, managed and stored, and the whole process can be followed simultaneously.


Full security is provided with the security and fire safety system in accordance with international standards, providing 24/7 protection. In addition, the stored products are covered by full insurance against any danger. 


Convenient loading and unloading

Ease of loading / unloading into the free warehouse for trucks and small vehicles, free warehouse TIR ramps and optional ramp doors

Optimum working environment

Easily accessible locations close to the ring roads, ventilation systems, guest parking lots, fast response systems, continuous improvement

Broad security measures

24/7 security. HD IP cameras and recording devices with motion sensors, spring system, smoke and heat detectors, and hydrant system in the garden in accordance with the new customs legislation

We Are Committed to Legal and Ethical Rules

We develop and implement global personal data securit policies to respect the privacy of our customers and employees and to protect their personal data.