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With our goal of being the best shipping agency in the world, it uses its expertise and professional infrastructure to support the local, regional and global operations of your ships sailing on the world’s trade routes. Çakır shipping facilitates your work by working in perfect harmony and cooperation with local experts and port authorities with its 24/7 uninterrupted operations, fast and efficient working understanding.

We have an understanding that always protects the interests of our customers.
We offer more service than standard shipping agency.
We cooperate fully with the port authorities and other regional public institutions.
We are with you at all hours of the day in all ports and seas of the

Port, shipyard and transit ship agency services

  • Arrival and departure arrangements / formalities of the ship
  • Participation / supervision for loading / unloading operations
  • To communicate with port authorities and other public / government institutions
  • Tracking and tracking ship operations
  • Crew replacement services (hotel reservations, visa and travel arrangements, procedures, etc.)
  • Medical services for crew members (transportation to hospital)
  • Captain advance delivery service
  • Fuel and oil supply operations
  • Drinking water supply and spare parts delivery services
  • Contaminated water and waste disposal
  • Motor boat and transport services
  • Underwater control, repair and technical services
  • Ship arrival and departure preparation and operations
  • Follow-up of shipyard operations
  • 24/7 Bosphorus crossing, shipyard, berthing, protection and agency service