It takes you one step ahead of your competitors in import, export and logistics solutions.

Next Generation Transportation, Logistics, Customs Clearance

We started operations in 2003 in order to provide a fast and contemporary service at international world standards.

Our active offices are in Istanbul, Zonguldak, Ereğli, Bartın, Kocaeli, Derince, Gebze, Gemlik and Edirne. Mersin and İzmir offices will be operational soon.

Çakır Shipping provides all kinds of export, import, logistics, cargo evacuation, free zone operations, warehouse operations, international sea transportation, land transportation and agency services within the scope of foreign trade with our other partner company Ulaş Customs. It has the capacity and competence to provide all kinds of customs clearance services that direct the foreign trade sector and require expertise.

Çakır Shipping has a respected position in the transportation and customs clearance sector with its expert staff.


Door-to-Door Transport

We offer international maritime transport, land transport, customs clearance, shipment-discharge, storage, agency services, as well as alternative competition conditions, and deliver door-to-door.

We are the only company that provides these services. And we are proud of it.


In a rapidly changing world, we produce fast and special solutions that meet the needs of the changing market by taking advantage of science and technology.

Professional Team

Çakır Shipping has the knowledge, technology, experience and professional management understanding that can respond to the developing global foreign trade volume.


We have a management approach that puts the world and people in the foreground by always producing values that are respectful to human and nature in the economic, social and environmental fields.

We strictly adhere to the Legal and Ethical Rules

We develop and implement global personal data security policies to respect the privacy of our customers and employees and to protect their personal data.