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Çakır shipping also provides loading and unloading services, including taking your cargo from the ship’s warehouse, tank or deck to the port area or loading it to the ship. We analyze your products to be shipped over the ports, and after detailed data analysis, we carry out the loading and unloading of your cargo with cranes and equipment suitable for the size and weight of your cargo.

  • Loading and unloading services in the field
  • Loading and unloading services within the scope of special project
  • Container stuffing and unstuffing services
  • Lashing services for containers
  • Container loading and unloading services
  • Onboard lashing
  • Unlashing and twistlock services
  • General cargo unloading and loading services

Maximum speed and professional service

We perform loading and unloading operations from land to ship or from ship to land with maximum speed and maximum professionalism.

From dock to ship

Taking your cargo from docks and temporary storage areas or land and sea vehicles; We deliver, load and unload your ship or board.

Truck to ship or ship to truck

We have skilled personnel and experience in loading or unloading all your cargo in the dry cargo category from ship to truck or truck to ship.

Perfect timing

We prevent your business and financial losses by ensuring that your loads are downloaded and loaded on time and securely.